Invest in Serbia

Why Serbia ...? All Investment Roads Lead to Serbia.
Serbia bridges Eeast and West. Its treasured position in the heart of South East Europe makes it an outstanding investment.

Easy Access to International Market

Serbia has signed and ratified several free trade agreements and can serve as a base for duty-free exports to a market of 1 billion people.

Overview of free trade agreement (0% customs duty)

  • CEFTA ⇒ A market of 30 million consumers
  • EFTA ⇒ A market of 18 million consumers (to enter into force in April 2010)
  • RUSSIASERBIA is the only country outside CIS that has free trade agreement with Russia and an access to 150 million consumers
  • EU ⇒ Preferential status
  • USA ⇒ Preferential status
  • Turkey ⇒ Free trade agreement signed on June 1, 2009
  • Belarus ⇒ Free trade agreement signed on March 31, 2009